Robert Bolster



Robert Bolster's masterfully executed oils of New England's shore life are deceptively straightforward in their exquisite technical detail and artistically dynamic composition. But taking a closer look at many of his recent works will reveal a mysterious complexity that is astounding. These paintings are built upon a subtle grid that reinforces the two dimensionality of the picture plane. They serve to remind us that no matter how incredibly realistic Bolster's images are, they are first and foremost a distilled vision created with paint and brush on a flat canvas surface. Bolster views each square of the grid as an individual painting and paints each one meticulously.

After graduation from the Rhode Island School of Design, Robert pursued a freelance career in advertising and children's book illustration. After many years of achieving success in the commercial art world he made the commitment to become a fine artist. Mr. Bolster has risen to the challenge, which is evident in every thoughtful canvas he paints. As the artist himself states, his greatest professional reward comes from the challenge of creating fine art.


"Each new canvas takes me to the exact point that every painter has been. It is a blank, two-dimensional surface that holds the promise of a new learning experience and the chance to complete a piece of art that viewers will be drawn to throughout time."